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Nanosafe Conference

Nanosafe 2018

​The Sixth Edition of Nanosafe Conference

Published on 2 October 2019

The Sixth International Conference NANOSAFE 2018 has been hold from 5th to 9th November 2018 in MINATEC, Grenoble, France.​

Printed Conference Programme 2018


1. Measurement and chara​cterization of nano objects (Chairman: Daren Chen)
2. Exposure (Chairman: Christof Asbach)
3. Manufactured nano objects (Chairman: Wendel Wohlleben)
3.1 Nano-objects release from nanoenabled products (CochairW. Wohllenben)
3.2 Safe-by-design nano-enabled products and process (Cochair: A. Sanchez)
3.3 Pilot plant production / Industrial issues (Cochair: C. Skentelbery)

4. Risks (Chairman: Keld Alstrup Jensen)
4.1 Occupational risk assessment  (Cohairs: M. Viana, A.S. Fonseca)
4.2 Environmental risk assessment (Cochair: D. Prodanov)
4.3 Tools and commercial equipment (Cochair: T. Oosterwijk)
4.4 Risk management (Cochair: B. Debray)
4.5 Nano responsible development and sustainability  (Cochair: A. Jovanovic)

5. Nano objects and Health / Hazard (Chairman: Claude Emond)
5.1 Toxicology (cochair: Henri Schroeder)
5.2 Environmental interactions of nanomaterials (cochairPeter Hoet)
5.3 Safe use of nano objects for medicine applications (cochair:  to be determined)

6. Regulation / Standardization (Chairman: Anthony Bochon)
7. Urban particles and emerging pollutants (Chairman: David Pui)

​International Scientific Comittee

  • Christof Asbach (UTA, DE) 
  • Anthony Bochon (ULB, BE)
  • Jorge Boczkowski (INSERM, FR)
  • Patrick Boisseau (CEA, FR)
  • Jean-Yves Bottero (CNRS, FR)
  • Marie Carrière (CEA, FR)
  • Daren Chen (VCU, USA)
  • Raphaël de Thoury (PARTICLEVER, FR)
  • Claude Emond (U. Montreal, CA)
  • Steffi Friedrichs (OECD, FR)
  • Benjamin Gilbert (Berkeley, USA)
  • Keld Alstrup Jensen (NRCWE, DK)
  • Sophie Lanone (INSERM, FR)
  • David Pui (U. Minnesota, USA)
  • Myriam Ricaud (INRS, FR)
  • Jérôme Rose (CNRS,FR)
  • Eva Valsami-Jones(U.Birmingh,UK)
  • Ulla Brigitte Vogel (NRCWE, DK)
  • Mark Wiesner (Duke U., USA)
  • Wendel Wohlleben (BASF, DE)