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Dissemination Report n°4

​How to estimate nanoaerosol explosion risk?
Published on 5 October 2016

​To estimate an accidental risk level, four factors have to be evaluated:

  • Nanopowder Safety Parameter
  • Process factors
  • Probability of occurrence of accident
  • Vulnerability of the target, worker or environment

Main results

  • To evaluate nanopowder safety characteristics, morphologic, surface and bulk properties as well as their potential to disperse in their environment have to be characterized.
  • Most nanopowders can display high reactivity characteristics that can lead to fire or explosion accidents. Specific tools and protocols are necessary to assess these parameters.
  • Environmental and process factors (flow velocities, materials fluxes and inventories, Pressures , Temperatures and concentrations) are key elements to consider in the risk assessment
  • Once the risk evaluated, one can propose various types of safety barriers to reduce the risk:
    • A Prevention barrier to reduce the probability of occurrence of an accident.
    • A Mitigation barrier to reduce the effects of process parameters or propose product substitution or severity attenuation.
    • A Protection barrier, such as protection equipments, confinement technologies or venting system, to protect the worker or the environment.