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Dissemination Report n°8

​Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS): A possible tool for on-line monitoring and surveillance of nanoparticle production processes.
Published on 5 October 2016

​Tracking nanoparticles for on-line monitoring of production processes or workplace surveillance requires their identification, the latter being based on one of their intrinsic properties such as elemental composition or shape. However, most of the currently available tools dedicated to nanoparticle metrology do not allow differentiating manufactured nanoparticles from those of background air, thereby rendering targeted nanoparticle detection arduous. Such problem may be addressed by chemically identifying nanoparticles. To achieve this goal, the LIBS (Laser-Induced breakdown Spectroscopy) technique was deemed as a potential candidate.

Main results:

​LIBS technique presents many advantages for on-line monitoring and workplace surveillance of nanoparticle production processes.

A compact LIBS system intended to be operated on-site was designed and put to the test for both purposes: On-line monitoring of a nanoparticle production process / Workplace surveillance.

LIBS potentially well suited for on-line monitoring of composite nanoparticle stoichiometry while the production process is being operated:

  • LIBS easily implemented on industrial sites.
  • Additional experiments should consolidate these results.

​LIBS potentially adapted for workplace surveillance:

  • Direct measurement in the air suitable for leak detection.
  • ​Collection on a substrate prior to LIBS interrogation more appropriate for chronic risk assessment.

Dissemination Report 8