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Published on 1 December 2015


The compact model software and documentation presented at this website form a whole that will henceforth be denoted as the "Model". The Model presented at this website has been co-developed by NXP Semiconductors and Arizona State University until and including 2011. 

For this part of the Model, NXP Semiconductors claims undivided ownership and copyrights. Since 2012 until 2014 the Model has been co-developed by NXP Semiconductors and Delft University of Technology and for this part each claim undivided ownership and copyrights. 

Since 2015 until today the Model has been co-developed by NXP Semiconductors and CEA-Leti of Technology and for this part each claim undivided ownership and copyrights​.


The owners are fully free to further develop, adapt and extend the Model as they judge necessary or desirable.

The Model is distributed as is, completely without any express or implied warranty, or service support. The owners and their employees are not liable in any way for the condition or performance of the Model. The owners hereby disclaim all implied warranties.


NXP Semiconductors and CEA-LETI hereby grant users a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license with respect to Versions of the Model which have been released through this website. 

NXP Semiconductors and CEA-LETI grant the users the right to modify, copy and redistribute the Model, both within the

user's organization and externally, subject to the following restrictions.


1. The users agree not to charge for the Model itself but may charge for additions, extensions, or support.

2. In any product based on the Model, the users agree to acknowledge the owners as developers of the Model. This acknowledgment shall appear in the product documentation.

3.  The users agree to only use the name of CMC standard models to identify implementations of the CMC standard models which produce the same outputs as Standard code for the same inputs passing all CMC QA​ tests.

4. The users agree to obey all government restrictions governing redistribution or export of the software.

5. The users agree to reproduce any copyright notice which appears on the software and documentation on any copy or modification of such made available to others.