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Current Release 104.0


Published on 19 December 2023
Current Release 104.0
The Current Release will remain fixed until a proposed candidate release is accepted for release as a CMC standard by the Compact Council:


Archive: PSP_103.4.0

Version                                                                                103.8.2

psp104p0 summary.pdf                                                     September 2023 (1.575 kB)

PSP104p0 vacode.tar.gz                                                     September 2023 (1.672 kB)

juncap200p6_summary.pdf                                                 September 2023 (553.0 kB)


Release notes vA-code of PSP 104.0.0 (September 2023)

Changes include:
    -  New DIBL model based on a quasi-Fermi level correction including screening
       effect in inversion regime.
    -  Addition of new parameters to improve gm description in saturation regime:
       THESATT (local model), THESATTO (global model), POTHESATT (binning model).
    -  Bug-fix on the Cgb-Cbg reciprocity in strong inversion regime when the bias-
       dependence of interface states model is activated with high value of CTG/CTB
    -  New calculation of the drain saturation voltage to improve the drain saturation
       current of long channel transistors.
    -  Improvement of S/D symmetry for low value of AX parameter thanks to the
       introduction of a new mathematical function of linear-saturation transition.
    -  Bug-fix on the source and drain access resistances should be independent to the
       number of fingers NF.
    -  Removal of the effective doping bias-dependence effect in the surface potential
       equation and its associated parameters VNSUB. VNSUBO. POVNSUB. NSLP, NSLPO,
    -  New binning equations with "hybrid" approach to mix physical scaling rules with
       binning rules.
    -  Revisited DC operating point output variables with 2 new switches to configure
       the conventions: pmos convention with SWOPPMOS and drain configuration with
       SWOPDRAIN. The effects of access gate, drain and source resistances can be
       included in the calculation of several OP-output quantities using SWOPREXT.

PSP 104.0.0 is not backward compatible with the previous versions.​