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Atos, Siemens and the CEA announce shortlist for Digital Industry Award

Paris, 23 July 2018 – The brand new Digital Industry Award, which takes place for the first time this October, has selected 12 start-ups for the shortlist, based on their creativity and ability to fulfill the industrial needs of companies.


Published on 23 July 2018

The Digital Industry Award, which are organized by Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, and Siemens, a global engineering leader, in partnership with the CEA, support the digital revolution players in the fields of the industry, construction and energy. Following the announcement of the start-up competition in May, a total of 78 projects have been submitted, from which 12 teams have been retained by a jury made up of experts from Atos, Siemens and the CEA. These finalists will participate in the ultimate stage, and be mentored by individuals from Atos and Siemens to develop their solution, using MindSphere, Siemens' IoT operating system.


The most innovative start-ups have been selected in four different categories: Smart Energy, Smart Building, Smart Product and Smart Plant. The winners of each category will be announced at the Digital Industry Summit, held in Paris on October 16. Based on cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and IoT, the appointed projects respond to several needs from different fields. The 12 startups elected for the competition are as follows:


Smart Energy

  • Energiency – SaaS analytic energy use software for industrial processes. Energiency is a technological solution entirely dedicated to Industry 4.0.

  • Sunchain – manages and guaranties direct transfers of energy between suppliers, consumers, electric vehicles and storage systems by the means of a Blockchain and IoT-based solution.

  • Amiral Technologies – offers predictive maintenance solutions for management and smart monitoring in the energy sector.

Smart Building

  • Irlynx – sensing modules able to accurately identify people's presence and counting data, provided for smart building applications in terms of energy consumption, safety, and space optimization. 

  • Dizmo – Interface of Things (TM), complete and flexible solution providing visual integration and data orchestration for smart buildings.  

  • Dataveyes – easy-to-use devices able to extract and enhance information from data to support professionals in their communication in the fields of energy and construction. 

Smart Product

  • Isybot – enhances competitiveness and the added value of manual functions without modifying the environment.
  • CARFIT – combines vibration science with at edge AI to anticipate maintenance needs.  


  • Voxaya – analytical software of materials, based on imagery, to integrate non-destructive testing as an industrial process.


Smart Plant

  • Tell Me Plus – automatization and enhancement of predictive models to allow professionals to better manage their resources and operations in the industrial environment by the means of AI and Machine Learning technologies.

  • Di-Analyse Signal– predictive maintenance system based on AI which ensures the quality of processes and the availability of equipment.

  • Picomto – Web and mobile SaaS solution based on technical documentation used for production, maintenance and operations to implement visual instructions for smart and connected working methods.  

  • Jean-Marie Simon, Chief Executive Atos in France, states: "I am impressed by the number and quality of the projects that we received. I would like to thank all participants for sharing their ideas on the industry of the future, which is most certainly one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. I cannot wait to see how the selected teams will transform their initial concepts into concrete projects, particularly through the mentoring of Atos and Siemens teams." 

  • Vincent Jauneau, Chief Executive Siemens in France of Digital Factory and Process Industries & Drives divisions, says: "To my eyes, this first edition is already a success. The event is part of a huge developing phase in the industry of the future in France. The start-ups can further evolve their futuristic and ambitious projects, with the support of Atos and Siemens. This collaboration will result in the development of creative new approaches and of new economic models which will quickly generate return on investments, one of the main issues of today."

  • Jean-Noël Patillon, CEA-List Chief Executive, states: "The success of this event shows once again the huge potential of start-ups in our ecosystem: their disruptive solutions are what will allow the industry to accelerate its digital transformation." 


The winning start-ups will be awarded the following prizes:

  • A 5000 euro prize for the winner of each category, as well as a special collaboration with the CEA
  • The development of a partnership with Atos and/or Siemens
  • Incubation at the Siemens 'MindSphere Center'
  • The demo of a project at the Atos Business Technology & Innovation Centers (BTICs)

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