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Startup portfolio

​​The CEA, a France-based research organization that is among the most innovative in the world, is known for its active startup policy. By supporting the creation and growth of companies to develop and commercialize its technologies, the CEA nurtures disruptive innovations, helps industrial companies become more competitive, and—by helping new ventures gain a foothold in key industrial value chains—drives job growth.

Published on 28 February 2024

​The range of support services the CEA provides to its startups is unique. Founders benefit from the CEA’s technical know-how and advanced research equipment, of course, but also expertise in innovation and introductions to financers and policymakers—all for the sake of ensuring that the companies created can make a real impact. Also worth mentioning are the CEA’s 700 R&D partners, valuable members of our startups’ future networks.

The majority of CEA startups cover low-carbon energy, health, and digital systems, licensing the CEA’s patents and playing a pivotal role in getting CEA technologies to the market.

The CEA has its own venture capital fund, CEA Investissement, and created deep tech fund Supernova Invest with Amundi. With a total of around 100 investments and more than 70 companies in its portfolio, Supernova Invest now enjoys a unique track record in deep tech, resulting in 30 successful exits and six IPOs.

Discover a selection of the CEA’s startups.

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