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Aryballe, artificial nose with a digital sense of smell

Published on 15 December 2022
​Simple odor analysis system with high reproducibility and reliable measurement for industrial use cases.

Aryballe’s artificial nose detects odors and compares them with references in an odor library, helping manufacturers develop new products and carry out quality controls.

Designed for industrial customers, Aryballe’s NeOse Advance can identify several hundred odors.

Founded in 2014, the startup Aryballe offers its NeOse Advance odor sensor worldwide. It has a portfolio of 40 patents (including five CEA patents) and an exceptional database of 250,000 olfactory signatures.

Identifying odors is difficult—factors like humidity, the number of odorous molecules, and variations in concentrations can skew the data. Measuring less than a cubic centimeter, Aryballe’s bio-inspired electronic nose meets industry standards of reliability and reproducibility and can discern hundreds of odors. The startup also offers services like remote analysis dashboards, odor studies, and more.

Based in Grenoble, Aryballe has subsidiaries in New York and Seoul and invests heavily in R&D. The company’s joint laboratory with the CEA is working on more compact and efficient silicon sensors, as well as on selecting new biosensors.

Key figures: 250,000

The Aryballe database has 250,000 different olfactory signatures

Key markets:

  • Cosmetics and perfumes
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture & food systems
  • Household appliances
  • Healthcare


  • Silicon photonic sensors compatible with biosensor grafting
  • Olfactory database and machine learning tools

Year founded: 2014

Originating institutes: CEA-Irig and CEA-Leti