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Technological research for industry

Published on 31 August 2017

​Since it was first set up, the CEA has been involved in transferring scientific knowledge and innovation “from research to industry”. This technological research must enable French and European industry to take full advantage of information technology and biotechnology for health.

CEA technological research
for industry

Information technology

Information technology

The CEA carries out high-level technological research in the field of digital systems, from micro and nanotechnology to their integration in applications through the development of embedded, cognitive and interactive systems, sensors and signal processing tools and data.

The industrial applications of this research include health, transport, security and telecommunications.

Biotechnology for health

Biotechnology for health

Research conducted by the CEA in biotechnology for health is firmly rooted in cutting-edge engineering, and its ability to build and operate large research facilities. With the construction of platforms and large shared research infrastructures, the CEA is helping to develop new technologies for health, such as large-scale biology (proteomics, genomics, etc.), medical
imaging and structural biology. These are used to study the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms of living organisms.

They are also used to further innovation in diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines in areas such as neurological and infectious diseases and cancer.

The CEA also studies the possibilities that have been opened up in medicine by micro and nanotechnology and electronics. Their potential is particularly promising in three areas: neurodegenerative pathologies, cancers of the brain and motor impairments caused by lesions (tetraplegia or paraplegia).

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CEA Tech

CEA Tech is the CEA’s “technology research” unit. It covers a broad portfolio of technologies in the areas of information and communication, energy and health.

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