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Primo1D RFID tags in textile threads

Published on 15 December 2022
Digital identification for inventory management and the circular economy

Primo1D replaces rigid RFID tags measuring several square centimeters with miniaturized devices that can be integrated into textile threads and that are resistant to washing, chemicals, and high temperatures.

RFID E-Thread™ by Primo1D.  credit : Jean-Luc Valentin – Courtesy of: Primo1D

Primo1D miniaturizes the RFID tag almost to the point of invisibility—the startup’s chip can be integrated into textile fibers, car tires, wires and cables, and more. Its read performance is close to 100%, for example during on-the-fly scanning of clothing stored in boxes. In addition, it can withstand the common mechanical, chemical, and thermal stresses it may be subjected to during its useful life.

The startup has a production capacity of several million units per year. Its top market is apparel, where it helps manage inventories and support the development of the circular economy—by facilitating the sale of second-hand clothing, clothing rental, and end-of-life recycling. Also targeted are the car tire and wire and cable markets, where it could provide product traceability and help manage maintenance and repairs.

Primo1D has a portfolio of 24 patents, including eight CEA patents under exclusive license. The company continues to work with CEA laboratories to characterize new RFID tags as needed.

Key figure: 100

Primo 1D RFID tags withstand 100 machine washings

Key Markets:

  • Apparel
  • Automotive tires
  • Electrical wire and cable


  • E-Thread™ technology with miniaturized, thread-integrated RFID tags

Year founded: 2013

CEA institute: CEA-Leti