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Win MS: real-time cable monitoring and diagnostics

Published on 15 December 2022
​Expert cable network monitoring for high-uptime production, transportation, and building management equipment

In a world where electrification is a rapidly-growing trend, WiN MS is making equipment more reliable with a solution that can accurately detect and locate faults in electrical cables.

The WiN MS AERO Smart-R kit system is used in maintenance and production in aeronautics and defense. © WinMS

The startup WiN MS has built a reputation both in France and internationally on the performance of its fault detection and location solutions for cable networks. The company’s technology works with all types of cables: electrical, data, radio, and fiber optic. Its electric arc detection solution, with its extremely low false alarm rate, is, along with several other WiN MS solutions, unique on the market.

These user-friendly solutions are designed for non-experts in the aeronautics, automotive, air transportation, and defense industries. In aeronautical maintenance, for example, they cut troubleshooting time by 80%.

WiN MS solutions can be used for the entire equipment lifecycle, including during service life, making systems and infrastructures more reliable. Arc detection and power distribution network monitoring provide increased safety. As electric mobility and microgrids gain traction, the opportunities for WiN MS will continue to grow.

The startup has a portfolio of nine patents, including five exclusive CEA patent licenses. WiN MS is present in 20 countries, with subsidiaries in the United States and Singapore.

Key figure: 75%

WiN MS generates 75% of its revenue from exports

Key markets

  • Aeronautics manufacturing and airlines
  • Automotive
  • Renewable energy, microgrids

Technology used

  • Detection and localization of faults via reflectometry
  • Arc detection

Year founded:

CEA institute: CEA-List