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Sportquantum, connected interactive electronic shooting targets

Published on 15 December 2022
​Fun, interactive targets with score sharing and analysis to revolutionize shooting sports.

Paper shooting targets will become a thing of the past with electronic displays that offer up not only interchangeable targets, but training and competition management features, too. Shooting sports enthusiasts of all levels are raving about Sport Quantum.

A competitor views the current scorecard and previous scores on a tablet.

Since 2017, Sport Quantum has been revolutionizing shooting sports by replacing paper targets and mechanical cable devices with an electronic display connected to a tablet. The system electronically locates impacts, calculates scores, and transmits them live.

The screen can display conventional targets, fun patterns, or training targets to improve skills like control or concentration, making it attractive to beginners, experienced practitioners, and top athletes alike. A system that detects shock waves on the polycarbonate plate that protects the display locates impacts to within 100 µm, the precision required in official competitions.

Sport Quantum is growing fast and opened a subsidiary in Germany in 2022. It holds exclusive licenses to four CEA patents and works with the CEA through a joint laboratory to improve the solution’s measurement accuracy, the robustness of the target, the operating safety of the competition scoring software, and more.

Key figures: 0.1 mm

Sport Quantum technology locates the impacts of pellets and rounds at an accuracy of up to 100 µm (0.1 mm), thanks to four sensors

Key markets:

  • Sport shooting clubs
  • Official competitions


  • High-brightness screen protected by a polycarbonate plate
  • Location of impacts by four piezoelectric sensors
  • Collection, processing, and sharing of shooting score data

Year founded: 2017

Originating institute: CEA-List