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Diabeloop: interoperable self-learning diabetes management solutions

Published on 15 December 2022
​Better glucose regulation, a lighter mental load, and improved quality of life for people living with diabetes

Diabeloop’s first-of-its-kind solution for automated type 1 diabetes treatment calculates the insulin doses patients need throughout the day and administers them in an automated and personalized manner. The solution is already in use in seven European countries.

Diabeloop’s DBLG1 System

Diabeloop’s DBLG1 System © Diabeloop

People living with type 1 diabetes are constantly at risk of either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia. To manage the disease, they must perform countless insulin dose calculations every day. And, depending on metabolism, physical activity, and diet, the doses can vary by a factor of three. Diabeloop’s DBLG1 System lightens this mental load by continuously monitoring the patient’s glucose level, calculating the right insulin dose, and automatically administering it.

Fifteen clinical studies have validated the effectiveness of this device, which improves the regulation of glucose  levels and patients’ quality of life. It obtained CE certification in 2018 and France’s national health insurance provider approved the device for reimbursement in 2021. Diabeloop’s product is already available in seven European countries, and the company is now accelerating its international development.

The technology is protected by a portfolio of 21 patents families, including ten co-patents with CEA. And, as part of a joint laboratory with the CEA, Diabeloop is continuing to improve its AI algorithm to further refine insulin dose calculation based on each patient’s specific needs.

Key figure: 10,000+

One year after launch, more than 10,000 people in Europe have been equipped with the Diabeloop DBLG1 System.

Main application

  • Treatment of type 1 diabetes

Technology used

  • Dexcom glucose monitor
  • Diabeloop technology compatible with multiple insulin pumps
  • Artificial intelligence algorithm for glycemic management: prevention of hypoglycemia, adaptation to carbohydrate and fat intake from meals, physical activity, correction bolus in case of hyperglycemia

Year founded: 2015

CEA institute: CEA-Leti