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ADMIR, High-speed spectroscopic imaging

Published on 15 December 2022
Faster, simpler, more secure medical diagnostics.

ADMIR designs, develops, and manufactures a particularly innovative ultra-fast spectroscopic infrared imaging system that makes bioanalysis more reliable and, above all, 100 times faster. The technology is revolutionizing public health.

ADMIR system combining infrared spectroscopy and lensless imaging combined with machine learning software.

ADMIR’s instruments, designed for pathologists, biologists, and biochemists, are breaking new ground in cancer, infectious disease, and microplastics screening. The technology developed by the startup turns results around in just one hour vs. the several days needed by current bioanalysis technologies. In addition, it does not require reagents, dyes, biomarkers, or other chemicals, and is more reliable than conventional testing.

Today, ADMIR leverages the CEA’s know-how in infrared technology through a portfolio of twelve patents. Its software suite combining instrumentation and artificial intelligence is on track to address new markets other than health.

Key figure:  100 times faster bioanalysis

Current market:

  • Health: Oncology, microbiology, and analysis of microplastics in the body

Target markets:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics

Technologies used:

  • Spectroscopic infrared imaging
  • Machine learning

Year founded: 2022

CEA Institute: CEA-Leti