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STEERLIGHT, a new generation of lidar sensors

Published on 15 December 2022
Reliable, three-dimensional optical sensors to protect people and goods in motion

SteerLight is a deep tech startup founded in 2022. It has developed a new generation of LiDAR: laser-based optical systems that can perceive the environment in 3D with unparalleled precision and resolution. The quality of these systems translates into decisive advantages in a range of use cases, including guaranteeing that autonomous vehicles and robots can move around safely.

SteerLight component. Courtesy of: SteerLight

The SteerLight solution is based on a disruptive coherent infrared LiDAR architecture. The LiDAR is fully integrated onto silicon photonic chips using standard microelectronics processes and does not have any moving mechanical parts. Long-range, high-resolution SteerLight LiDAR-on-chip is compact, robust, and—because it is volume-manufacturable—affordable.

It is the result of fifteen years of research in CEA laboratories in the fields of silicon photonics, electronics, and embedded computing. The roadmap for the next few years is packed: The startup will be finalizing its team and designing its first product, before fundraising and scaling up the technology for manufacturing.

Key Figure: 4

detection range multiplied by four

Targeted Markets:

  • Logistics and manufacturing: mobile autonomous robots
  • Urban transportation: people and goods
  • Urban security: securing dangerous areas

Technologies used:

  • Silicon photonic FMCW architecture

Year founded: 2022

CEA Institute: CEA-Leti