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Alkalee, the smart vehicle

Published on 15 December 2022
​Ultra-high-performance software suite for the automotive software revolution

New use cases, trends like the autonomous vehicle, and a changing regulatory landscape are driving a profound transformation in the automotive industry. And software is at the heart of it all. Alkalee was founded to help mobility stakeholders make this strategic shift. The company’s innovative software solution centralizes all vehicle functions on a single compact and flexible high-performance computer and ensures the operating safety of all on-board electronics.

The high-performance software suite for smart vehicles. (c) Authier

Alkalee was founded in 2020 to develop joint research by car maker Renault and the CEA. The partners tasked their top experts with accelerating the automotive electronics revolution and helping create a new mobility experience. The result is a slate of solutions that enable smooth, ultra-customizable, and safe operation.

CEA scientists brought their expertise in formal methods and model-driven engineering tools to the table. Their multidisciplinary approach spanning on-board software, electronics, and design tools was decisive in the development of Alkalee’s solutions. The startup is now tackling cybersecurity and the integration of its software into its customers’ environments.

Key figure: 20

20% reduction in system validations

Current markets:

  • Automotive
  • New transportation technologies: UAVs, etc.
  • Construction
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Defense

Technology used:

formal methods, model-driven systems engineering

Year founded: 2020

CEA Institute: CEA-List