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Wormsensing, ultra-sensitive vibration sensors

Published on 15 December 2022
​A new record in vibration and deformation measurement accuracy.

Wormsensing is revolutionizing vibration measurement for industrial and consumer applications with ultra-sensitive, universal sensors.

This flexible, miniaturized vibration sensor can be installed anywhere.

Vibration measurement is conventionally carried out using strain gauges or accelerometers. Wormsensing sensors are 1,000 times more accurate than strain gauges and 10,000 times less bulky than accelerometers! The patch-format sensors are no thicker than a human hair and can be applied to any object or structure in any environment in just minutes.

Beyond the traditional instrumentation, measurement, and testing scenarios, the Worms sensor brings vibration measurement to a much wider range of applications, including new ones like human-machine interfaces and vital sign monitoring.

The startup, created by two CEA scientists, operated for three years at the CEA in Grenoble and will invest in a pilot production line in 2023. Collaboration in R&D continues in a joint laboratory.

Key figure: 150 microns

At just 150 microns, Wormsensing’s vibration sensor is no thicker than a human hair and can be used anywhere

Key markets:

  • Instrumentation and quality control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Embedded electronics for the automotive and health markets


  • Sensing element: thin-film piezoelectric ceramic (10 µm)
  • Flexible and conformable electronic substrate

Year founded: 2020

Originating institute: CEA-Leti