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Ajelis: high-performance industrial pollution filters

Published on 15 December 2022
​New-generation filters for air and water depollution and strategic metal recycling

Startup Ajelis is the fruit of a partnership between the CEA and Paris-Saclay University. Its new-generation polymer fiber filters are designed for the depollution of liquid and gaseous industrial effluents. The company also offers specialized fibers for the recovery and recycling of metals. This breakthrough innovation is built on a selectively sorbent fiber technology developed at the CEA.

Ajelis water filtration and treatment solution. © Ajelis

This new generation of filter medium, capable of filtering both pollutants and metals, outperforms conventional activated carbon or resin filter media. First, it can absorb lower metal concentrations, giving users a head start on increasingly stringent environmental standards. Second, fiber selectivity can be adapted to different target metals. Finally, treatment speed is at least ten times faster than that of conventional materials, at one-tenth the treatment cost. And, because the fibers are easy to regenerate, they are more sustainable.

The startup’s solutions found success with many industrial customers in France and other European countries practically on day one. This efficient, economically-viable, and more environmentally-friendly technology from Ajelis helps customers create their Factories of the Future.

Key figure: 200

200 water treatment and metal recycling projects successfully completed with French and European customers.

Key markets

  • Depollution of liquid industrial effluents
  • Air purification
  • Decontamination of nuclear effluents
  • Recycling of critical metals
  • Mobile treatment units

Technology used

  • Selectively sorbent polymer nanofibers for toxic and strategic metals

Year founded: 2014

CEA institute: CEA-Iramis