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Fluiidd, industrial process fluid monitoring


Published on 23 January 2024
​​​A solution that minimizes costly downtime and makes processes more energy efficient​​​

Fluiidd detects anything that can disrupt industrial process fluid flows—from air bubbles to foreign bodies, agglomerates, fouling, and clogging—at a fraction of the cost of X-ray tomography.

The Fluiidd industrial pipe monitoring solution is plug-and-play for easy deployment. ​© Copyrights : Fluiidd

An early-career scientist at the CEA founded Fluiidd to make industrial process fluid monitoring available to the masses. The company’s high-performance detection solution—electrodes integrated into the pipework, an electronic circuit, and an embedded artificial intelligence —is easy to deploy.  

The solution reconstructs images of the cross-section of the pipe and fluid flow, and then flags anything abnormal. Operators can use the information to make informed decisions like whether an emergency shutdown is needed, or, if the problem has been located, schedule a shutdown later.

The solution can detect air bubbles indicative of leaks, as well as foreign bodies, agglomerates (clumps of solid materials), build-up of material on pipe walls, clogging, and plugging. It also takes density measurements in multi-phase flows. In the future, Fluiidd will also help make processes more energy efficient, alerting operators to clogs that cause pressure drops and abnormally high electricity consumption. 

The solution, built on electrode and signal processing technologies protected by five CEA patents, can be used in all kinds of industrial facilities, even in extreme conditions. It has been tested at 600 °C and 250 bar and reconstructs images at fluid flow rates greater than 1,000 kph. Fluiidd is pursuing R&D to further improve the solution through a joint lab with the CEA.

Key figure: 31,250 fps

The Fluiidd system can capture up to 31,250 images per second, sufficient to monitor fluids moving at at 300 meters per second.

Key markets

  • ​Farming and food manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  •  Water treatment and distribution 
  • Process industries in general


  • ​Low-current industrial scanner
  • Innovative electrodes integrated into the pipe wall
  • Artificial intelligence

Year found​​​ed: 2023

A spinoff of: CEA-IRESNE​​