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Microoled, miniature OLED displays and modules

Published on 15 December 2022
​Crisp, sharp images and long battery life for augmented reality and other innovative applications

With high image quality, very low power consumption, and competitive cost, Microoled’s miniature displays and modules are equipped to stand up to the global display industry’s leading products. Augmented reality is their prime target market.

Thanks to an OLED technology originally developed by the CEA, startup Microoled has made waves in the market for microdisplays—tiny screens measuring less than 2 cm diagonally. High luminance, stellar image quality, and very low power consumption have earned Microoled a slot as the second-largest supplier in the world behind Sony.

The company has expanded its offering to ultra-light (7-gram) microdisplay modules for connected sports eyewear. Users can view heart rate, speed, distance, elevation gain, and other performance data collected by their smartphone or watch. The microdisplays are also ideal for augmented reality for GPS navigation and access to train schedules or tourist information, for example. Microoled offers an open development platform to facilitate the creation of applications compatible with its products.

The startup is collaborating with the CEA on high-luminance color microdisplays and holds licenses to several CEA patents.

Key figures: 30

At just 1 milliwatt, Microoled’s ActiveLook display consumes 30 times less energy than the competition

Key markets:

  • Binoculars and scopes
  • Cameras
  • Connected sports eyewear for augmented reality


  • High-luminance, ultra-low power OLED displays
  • Microdisplay modules for augmented reality

Year founded: 2007

Originating institute: CEA-Leti