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Eclypia, non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring


Published on 29 February 2024
​Reliable real-time blood glucose monitoring without painful finger pricks                                         

Eclypia is revolutionizing diabetes care with a non-invasive subcutaneous measurement solution that uses laser illumination to monitor blood glucose. 

  The Eclypia demonstrator in its current version. ©Eclypia​

Painless continuous glucose monitoring could soon replace finger pricks and spot checks for people with diabetes, thanks to a technology developed by Eclypia and protected by 25 patents, including several either co-owned with or under license from the CEA. 

The company’s wearable solution is placed on the patient’s wrist, where the subcutaneous tissue is illuminated by quantum cascade lasers (QCL). The signal produced varies according to the glucose content in the tissue. AI algorithms then process this information to calculate a blood glucose measurement, factoring in not only variations for a single patient, but also from one patient to another. 

Eclypia has been working on this solution since 2021, conducting some of its research through a joint lab with the CEA. The main focus of the company’s R&D has been to dramatically lower QCL manufacturing costs and improve the devices’ thermal and electronic stability in embedded systems. Eclypia is targeting a product price comparable to existing glucose monitoring systems.

The company’s main market will be type 2 diabetes care. However, it will also support lifestyle changes for patients with pre-diabetes and address the health and wellness market, bringing individuals who want to compare their blood sugar levels with dietary choices and physical activity a new solution.

Key figure: 25

Eclypia’s technology, which does away with up to ten daily finger pricks, is protected by 25 patents 

Key markets:

  • Type 2 diabetes care
  • Pre-diabetes prevention​
  • Health and wellness​

TechnologY USED: 

  • System-on-chip with integrated quantum cascade lasers and photoacoustic cell​
  • AI algorithms for signal processing​

Year founded: 2021

Originating institutes: CEA-Leti