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Arcure, Smart on-vehicle pedestrian detection system

Published on 15 December 2022
​Life-saving AI-powered pedestrian detection system for safer, less accident-prone industrial vehicles.

Arcure’s Blaxtair® systems prevent collisions between moving vehicles and pedestrians in industrial environments and on construction sites. Two-thirds of the company’s business comes from export sales.

(c)Arcure / Blaxtair® anti-collision system

Contact between moving industrial and construction vehicles and pedestrians causes 10,000 serious accidents per year in Europe. Blaxtair® intelligent vision systems prevent these collisions and save lives. They detect all pedestrians, whether they’re standing, squatting, or partially hidden by an obstruction—even in extreme temperatures, dust, low lighting, and other challenging conditions.

Blaxtair® is built on a particularly robust and reliable detection technology that avoids false alarms and nuisance alerts so that operators can work safely and confidently. Because they know the system will alert them to dangerous situations and automatically stop the vehicle in the event of an emergency, operators can concentrate on the task at hand. Plus, the data collected feeds hazard maps, which can be used for targeted preventive measures.

Arcure is present in virtually all industries, including recycling and construction. It is based in Paris and opened a Chicago subsidiary in 2019.

Its technology is protected by eight patents. Together with the CEA, it has created a joint laboratory where it develops new image processing algorithms.

Key figure: 200  

A Blaxtair® system takes 200 milliseconds to detect a pedestrian in the vicinity of a moving vehicle

Frequently-equipped vehicles

  • Forklifts
  • Loaders
  • Excavators
  • Bulldozers


  • 3D vision and image processing algorithms
  • Deep learning on the Edge

Year founded: 2009

Originating institute: CEA-List