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QUOBLY, silicon Qubit-based Quantum Computer


Published on 29 February 2024
​The transformational potential of quantum

With the capacity to solve problems that are currently intractable—even by the world’s most powerful supercomputers—the quantum computer could bring unprecedented benefits to all industries.

3D represenation of a quantum computer. 

Quobly was founded to develop and, ultimately, commercialize the first million-qubit quantum computer. The startup’s strategy is to use proven semiconductor technologies to bring this operable quantum computer to the market.

The technology leverages the physical properties of semiconductors to fabricate quantum dots—the basis for top-quality quantum bits (qubits). But Siquance brings an additional asset to the mix: deep expertise in proven semiconductor industry processes that have already been used to manufacture chips with billions of transistors. The startup’s technology plus this clear path to manufacturability will lead to quantum accelerators that deliver truly revolutionary performance.

Quobly is working on a disruptive innovation expected to make a huge impact. This technology could create hundreds of billions of dollars in value for the industrial sector. Among the early adopters will be industrial companies with strong demand for high-performance computing—especially in the pharmaceutical, energy, and transportation industries. The quantum computer’s ability to solve extremely complex problems is a source of hope.

Created in 2022, Quobly is built on collaboration between the CEA and the CNRS and has already generated a portfolio of about 40 patents. Its three co-founders come from the CEA and CNRS and are leveraging the research of multidisciplinary, multi-institute teams comprised of nearly 50 scientists and engineers. Their complementary skills are essential to the creation of a quantum computer and hold great promise for France’s future technological sovereignty.

Key figure: 15

15 years of progress prior to the startup’s creation

Targeted Markets:

  • All industries, including health, energy, and transportation

Technologies used:

  • FD-SOI semiconductor technology

Year founded: 2022

CEA Institute: CEA-Leti