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Trustinsoft, quality and security for C & C++ software

Published on 15 December 2022
Dramatically faster, cheaper verification for guaranteed software reliability and robustness to cyberattacks.

TrustInSoft helps software developers achieve source code reliability and immunity to known types of cyberattacks, a unique offering available worldwide.

A TrustInSoft analysis dashboard

Using the Frama-C source code analyzer developed by CEA and Inria, TrustInSoft has developed a full suite of C & C++ software analysis tools and services. They provide mathematical evidence of their reliability (zero bugs) and immunity from known types of cyberattacks.

These tools make software validation much, much simpler. Usually, software is validated by performing an array of test attacks, with no way to guarantee that all possible scenarios have been covered. TrustInSoft runs a single analysis and provides guarantees to its customers. In aeronautics industry use cases, software validation time and cost have been reduced by 75%.

The startup holds a license to a CEA patent. Initially focused on critical applications (nuclear, aeronautics), it now focuses on the automotive and consumer electronics industries. It generates 70% of its revenue from exports, 50% from sales to customers in the United States.

Key figure: 57 million

TrustInSoft tools currently secure 57 million electronic devices, in energy, video games, and telecoms

Key Markets:

  • Critical industrial systems
  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics


  • Comprehensive analysis of C and C++ source code
  • Mathematical proof of code security and reliability

Year founded: 2013

Originating institute: CEA-List