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Mag4Health, more affordable magnetoencephalography

Published on 15 December 2022
​A powerful, competitive new neuroimaging technology to improve the treatment of brain conditions.

Magnetoencephalography is a powerful brain imaging technique, but it is not helping as many patients as it could due to its high cost. Mag4Health is democratizing MEG scans with a device that is more versatile and just as powerful as conventional machines but at one-third the cost.

Sensor and headset capable of integrating 96 sensors.

Mag4Health utilizes a magnetometry technology developed over two decades of CEA space research. The startup is bringing this twelve-times-patented innovation to healthcare, where it is reshaping magnetoencephalography.

Mag4health’s quantum sensors operate at ambient temperature, replacing conventional sensors that need to be cooled to –269 °C with a cryostat. The magnetic shielding required is ten times lighter, which means that the sensors can be placed on a helmet, in contact with the patient’s skull, for better brain signal reception. The simplicity of the device opens the door to many use cases, including image acquisition on moving patients or children.  

The total purchase and maintenance cost of these machines is one third that of conventional machines for the same level of performance. Mag4Health has now eliminated the main obstacle to the development of the only imaging technology that can record and locate all brain activity. Currently there are only around 150 MEG scanners in the world, and just five in France. The startup plans to ship its first products at the end of 2023.

Key figure: 10

Mag4Health’s MEG scanner has a one-ton magnetic shield; that’s ten times lighter than current systems

Main applications:

  • Preparation for epilepsy surgeries
  • Preparation for brain tumor surgeries
  • Diagnosis of concussions
  • Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease


  • Helium-4 quantum sensors operating at room temperature
  • Headset acquisition system incorporating 48 sensors

Year founded: 2021

Originating institute: CEA-Leti