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DIAMSENS, in situ water quality monitoring

Published on 15 December 2022
​More reliable testing and lower operating costs thanks to the unique properties of diamonds

Diamond-quality water monitoring is what Grenoble-based startup Diamsens has created, with an innovative new range of electrochemical sensors that leverage the unique properties of diamonds. The high performance, durable, and low maintenance solution is manufactured using standard semiconductor processes, so it is also affordable. Synthetic diamonds offer a range of benefits for both industrial users and consumers.

multi-sensor probe for pool water treatment. Courtesy of: Diamsens

The Diamsens continuous water quality monitoring solution will satisfy the needs of both BtoC and BtoB markets. In the swimming pool market, individuals will soon be able to simply and accurately measure the chlorine content of their pool in real time, a luxury only municipal swimming pools could previously afford. On a larger scale, the Diamsens solution will appeal to manufacturers who want to reduce sensor maintenance costs—the diamond sensor surfaces can clean themselves using a patented electrical technique.

To develop its innovative testing system, Diamsens built on the expertise of CEA laboratories to synthesize its diamonds and develop a proof-of-concept prototype. The partners intend to pursue their collaboration for the long haul, giving the startup access to the CEA’s unrivalled fabrication and characterization resources.

Key figure: 5

Maintenance costs divided by 5 compared to conventional sensors

Targeted Markets:

  • Swimming pools
  • Drinking water and sewage treatment
  • Agriculture: fertilizer concentration control, water reuse
  • Environment: monitoring of natural environments
  • Industry: effluent control, water reuse

Technologies used:

  • Synthetic diamond
  •  Electrochemical sensors

Year founded: 2022

CEA Institutes: LETI and LIST