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Wise integration: innovative power electronics

Published on 15 December 2022
​Chargers that are simpler to use without sacrificing performance

Created in 2020, the startup Wise Integration is offering a disruptive technology that enables industrial customers to manufacture more compact and energy-efficient chargers. It’s based on a GaN (gallium nitride) technology developed at the CEA. The properties of this material, leagues ahead of silicon, improve energy conversion performance significantly.


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Wise Integration combines a GaN-based integrated circuit with a high-performance control software architecture for much more compact power supply units. Myriads of use cases come to mind, not least of which are consumer electronics—mobile phones, laptops, e-bikes, electric scooters, and more. However, Wise Integration solutions also have a role to play in manufacturing and data centers, allowing them to drastically reduce their energy consumption. The company has international ambitions, particularly in Asia, as demonstrated by the opening of a sales office in Taiwan.

Wise Integration uses GaN technology, a breakthrough developed in CEA laboratories over more than ten years and protected by numerous patents. After the development of a proof-of-concept prototype, the company scaled up the technology for manufacturing and began commercializing its solutions in 2022.

Key figure: 3

Chargers 3 times more compact and 3 times more efficient

Key markets

  • Mobile phones/laptops
  • Electric mobility (e-bikes, electric scooters, etc.)
  • Manufacturing plants and data centers

Technology used

  • GaN Technology
  • Digital control

Year founded: 2020

CEA institute: CEA-Leti