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The CEA and Covid-19 Resilience and responsiveness

​The pandemic affecting France for a year now has led public and private stakeholders to take action in line with their possibilities and skills. The CEA’s status in the field of research and innovation in France, its proximity with State public safety issues and its unique working environment have enabled it to react quickly across the board. During this year, investment in science has been significant and efforts have been sustained. In connection with the imperatives of the pandemic, the society’s needs have evolved. A new way of working has been implemented. Discover in this document "The CEA and Covid-19 Resilience and responsiveness" the CEA’s unique contribution within the country’s efforts.

Published on 5 May 2021

​The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the way we work and reminded us of three fundamentals principles for maintaining a prosperous society:

  • know-how when faced with risk,

  • a capacity for resilience to recover in the aftermath,
  • absolute sovereignty during and after the difficulties.
Through a number of non-exhaustive examples, "The CEA and Covid-19 Resilience and responsiveness" offers a look back at this peculiar year that recently came to an end.

Responding rapidly to help protect local populations

Driven by the urgency of the pandemic, the CEA quickly mobilised its teams and resources to first support the professionals working on the front line to fight the virus. Discover few examples which highlight both the CEA’s solidarity and its ability to rapidly redirect its efforts where needed.

Adapting how teams worked and facilities operated during these unusual conditions

The CEA’s long-standing responsibility of managing sensitive facilities meant it was able to react quickly to the pandemic: plans to continue activities and secure its facilities are always prepared in advance and regularly reviewed.
However, owing to the abruptness, severity and duration of the pandemic, the lockdown initiated in March 2020 has tested the resilience of staff and the organisation.

Exploiting digital means to face the pandemic and the challenges of tomorrow

Highly committed to the digital transformation, the CEA has set up and supports a veritable environment of high-performance computers in France;
it invests in big data management, in artificial intelligence and in innovative software solutions. These digital means were not only put to the test during the pandemic, but also in the aftermath to help quickly resume activities.

Helping to improve cybersecurity and to counter threats exacerbated by the pandemic

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital technology in society and thus the relevance of issues such as cybersecurity and privacy.
Long committed to improving cybersecurity, the CEA manages the European consortium called Sparta, which provides input for the European Commission’s think-tanks working on its roadmap in this field.

Sustaining efforts to meet the top priorities for France in a time of economic uncertainty

Encouraged by the public authorities to lead research in fields of major strategic and societal importance, the CEA has maintained strong ties with
its partners in both the civil and nuclear industry. During this period of uncertainty, it has met the demands of the French government within the scope of actions destined to strengthen the country’s resilience and stimulate its industry.

Protecting fundamental research by giving it the time it needs

The CEA has a long history of being able to rapidly propose solutions that better society in one way or another. This is because of the close proximity
between its researchers focused on technical innovations and those exploring the more fundamental mechanisms of nature. Few examples illustrate just how much this fundamental research needs time and cutting-edge equipment for ideas to mature and make knowledge available in times of crisis.

Accelerating innovation

Taking advantage of the French economic recovery plan and the focus on hydrogen as an energy vector, the CEA continued its research pushing to develop the large-scale production of hydrogen in France which brings together industry and institutional stakeholders.

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