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Michel Bédoucha: a new Director for the CEA Saclay Center

​On July 1, 2016, Michel Bédoucha was appointed Director of the CEA Saclay Center. He takes over from Annie Rivoallan, acting Director since May 1, 2016 when Jacques Vayron stood down to take up new duties elsewhere.

Published on 1 July 2016

​Michel Bédoucha was born in 1956 and graduated from the Ecole de commerce de Marseille, before embarking on his career at CEA in 1982, at the Fontenayaux-Roses Center. For 10 years, he served as Senior Administrator in the Controlled Fusion Department, part of the Fundamental Research Institute.

In 1993, Michel Bédoucha joined the Senior Management Team at the Cadarache Centre, where he was responsible for administrative issues, Human Resources, finance and contracts. In 1997, he was appointed Deputy Director of Cadarache.


In 2001, he helped create the CEA Nuclear Energy Department, in his capacity of Administrative Director.

 In 2005, he joined the Marcoule center, taking up office as Deputy Director, where is responsibilities included overseeing CEA's takeover of the Marcoule site and conducting negotiations with Areva.

 From 2008 to 2015, he was Deputy Director in charge of Project Supervision and Support, before becoming Deputy Director of CEA Cadarache, where he oversaw industrial relations and negotiations required to support the Center's myriad projects.

On May 1, 2015, Michel Bédoucha was appointed as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Industrial Relations at the CEA Nuclear Energy Department. In this capacity, he was instrumental in the negotiations with Areva and DCNS as part of the Jules Horowitz Reactor (RJH) project.


Michel Bédoucha is a senior international expert: negotiation of international contracts and is a member of the Iter/F4E Contract Commission.

Michel Bédoucha is a recipient of the French National Oder of Merit.


CEA Saclay Centre

The Saclay CEA Center is one of the ten CEA centers and one of the largest research and innovation centers in Europe. More than 7,000 people work there each day. Its researchers, seconded to the Université Paris-Saclay, work on topics with a huge impact on society: low-carbon, nuclear and renewable energies, climate and the environment, health, new technologies. To fulfill its remit, it relies upon a wide spectrum of fundamental research activities that CEA conducts into physics, chemistry and biology. CEA Saclay plays a key role in regional economic development.​

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