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Research into new materials for producing electricity from heat

​The CEA is coordinating the European Magenta project which was officially launched on 23 and 24 January 2017. The result of a very selective call for tender, this project is focused on research into thermoelectric materials that could be used in systems that value waste heat, for example in the automotive or micro-electronics industries. 

Published on 20 February 2017
Of the twelve projects selected by the European Commission in the category “Future and Emerging Technologies – FET Proactive Funding Opportunities 2016” of the H2020 programme, Magenta is the only one coordinated by a French team, at CEA-Iramis’ Saclay research centre. 
Magenta (Magnetic nanoparticle based liquid energy materials for thermoelectric device applications) is based on the recent discovery of a form of thermoelectricity in ferrofluids (*).  Through experimental and theoretical approaches, researchers will deepen their knowledge of the new magneto-thermoelectric phenomena in ferrofluids. Numerical simulations will be used to optimise the conversion of residual heat into electricity. 
The expected results concern both materials and complete systems, a demo of which will be used to show the potential of the technique. Six research teams, three SMEs and one manufacturer are working in close collaboration on the Magenta project, with the aim of developing a genuine ecosystem around the magneto-thermoelectric technology. 

Device for studying the thermoelectricity of ferrofluids at CEA-Iramis: Thermoelectric devices allowing the recovery of electrical energy from low temperature differences between hot and cold thermal sources. The new ferrofluids studied in the H2020 - FET Open Proactive project "Magenta" open an original way to achieve better yields for local and inexpensive heat recovery applications. © CEA - L. Barbier


The “FET Proactive” calls for projects are part of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme of the European Horizon 2020 programme (“Scientific Excellence” pillar). They aim to support emerging scientific communities on future themes for the European Union.

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