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The CEA received a delegation of nine countries as part of an IAEA cooperation program

​In the framework of the ICERR program (International Center based on Research Reactors), a delegation of 15 experts from nine countries visited CEA facilities from April 24th to 28th.  

Published on 4 May 2017

The delegation was received at the Saclay and Cadarache centers to discover the research facilities of the CEA covered by this IAEA program. These include the research reactors Jules Horowitz (currently under construction at the Cadarache center), Orphée, Isis, Eole and Minerve (critical mock-ups dedicated to the study of reactor cores) as well as the study laboratories LECI and LECA.

The ICERR program is designed to assist IAEA member states by accelerating access to existing research reactor infrastructure to carry out nuclear research and development and scientific capacity-building.

As an introduction to this visit, organized with the support of the IAEA, Anne Lazar-Sury, Director of International Relations of the CEA and Governor for France at the IAEA, expressed the wish that this visit of the CEA's facilities would pave the way for a long-term cooperation with the countries represented.

The CEA is the first organization to benefit, since 2015, from the ICERR accreditation issued by the IAEA. It has already signed several ICERR agreements with research bodies in Morocco, Tunisia and Slovenia in September 2016, Indonesia in March 2017 and Algeria in April 2017.

The delegation was composed by representatives from Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burma, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam.


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