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The chairman of the CEA meets the Director General of Rosatom

​The chairman of the CEA, Daniel Verwaerde, met with Alexey Likhachev, Director General of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, on September 11th, 2017, in Cadarache. Since taking up his position as Director General of the Russian State Corporation, it is the first time that Alexey Likhachev is visiting France. 

Published on 14 September 2017

Daniel Verwaerde and Alexey Likhachev had an exchange on the long-term ongoing cooperation between the CEA and Rosatom. It encompasses various areas of expertise, from nuclear physics (irradiation programs carried out on Russian equipment) and development of next-generation reactor (GEN-IV, fast-neutron reactors) to training or skills development (organization of a joint Rosatom-CEA/INSTN seminar in France last April).

In addition to the on-going cooperation in the nuclear field, the CEA and Rosatom currently assessed potential partnerships in the field of renewable energies, for example in energy storage systems. Both organizations highlighted that nuclear and renewable energies are cornerstones of developing an efficient carbon-free energy mix for the future.

The Rosatom delegation also visited the Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR), a project conducted by the Nuclear Energy Division of CEA (DEN). Currently under construction at CEA Cadarache, the JHR will provide Europe with a unique experimenting tool available for the nuclear power industry, research institutes, nuclear regulatory authorities and their technical supports. This facility will also be available to institutions from IAEA member states for education and joint research and development projects in the framework of the ICERR initiative.

Taking the opportunity to be in Cadarache, the Rosatom delegation also visited ITER facilities of which the Russian Federation is one of the main partners. Thirty-five countries, including France and Russia, are contributing to this project.


The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM is one of the global technological leaders and one of top ten largest companies of the Russian Federation. It brings together nuclear power and power engineering assets, as well as NPP design and construction. Largest electricity generating company in Russia, ROSATOM also manufactures equipment and produces isotopes for nuclear medicine, carries out research, material studies. It also produces supercomputers and software. ROSATOM's strategy is to develop clean energy projects, including wind energy. ROSATOM brings together over 300 enterprises and organizations. ROSATOM is tasked with implementing the state policy on the uses of atomic energy as well as fulfilling the Russian Federation's international obligations on the peaceful uses of atomic energy.





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