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The CEA & CIBIO – Partners in Controlling the Delivery of Radiotherapy

​The CEA and the CIBIO company, which specialises in the implementation of external regulatory controls, have signed a radiotherapy research partnership for developing new methods for controlling this method of treatment.

Published on 17 July 2015

​This collaboration is part of the launch of a new activity by the CIBIO company which aims to expand its current area of skills (inspecting radioprotection, quality control). The CIBIO will be developing methods for checking the radiation dosages emitted during radiotherapy. This development also concerns the conventional methods of administering radiotherapy as well as those that are more specialised, such as stereotaxy, cyberknife, tomotherapy, etc. Eventually, CIBIO will provide medical physicists with new methods of external control.

In order to achieve these objectives, CIBIO will rely on the expertise of the CEA-List Institute for metrology, modelling and simulation as well as on specialist state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment and DOSEO platform imagery. This platform is designed to bring together industrial and individual healthcare research bodies within the same infrastructure for developing innovative treatment systems. The research conducted in the context of this new partnership will focus more specifically on:

  • The assessment and validation of quality control methods for static radiotherapy beams, so that CIBIO will have a reliable and controlled dosage at its disposal. The research will deal with the features of the sensors and the creation of a quality control method.
  • The development of new external dosage techniques for radiotherapy treatments using complex beams.
  • In addition to the R&D partnership and access to the platform’s equipment, the CIBIO company will benefit from hosting engineers, in order to facilitate skills transfer.

This partnership is decisive for the development of CIBIO”, stated Jérémy Petin, the company chairman. “For implementing our R&D programme, we have multiple needs. These include expertise, access to heavy equipment and, if possible, housing our laboratory close to the heavy equipment so as to achieve greater efficacy. The CEA perfectly meets these needs which is why we chosen to install our laboratory and the team at DOSEO”. 

For Karine Gosse, Director of the CEA-List Institute, “Through this agreement, we are able to pursue our mission of technological enhancement for companies. By offering CIBIO shared access to the scientific excellence of our teams and the latest medical equipment, we are playing the role of an innovation accelerator, in a particularly constraining regulatory context, one that involves a major public health challenge”.  

Medical radiotherapy accelerator © CEA-DOSEO 

Medical radiotherapy accelerator © CEA-DOSEO

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