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Digital Days 2017

Data Intelligence: learn about the latest technological innovations from CEA and its partners

Some 75 technology demonstrator models, 1,500 m2 of exhibition space, 1,000 participants from industry and academia: the 2017 #techday#cealist takes place today in Saclay (Paris region). This annual event gives research engineers from CEA-LIST, a CEA Tech research institute, the occasion to exhibit their state-of-the-art data intelligence technologies, which use digital data for analysis, accompaniment and forecasting transformations.
Published on 14 March 2017
Around the main theme of data intelligence, CEA-LIST's demonstrator models are on display in a dozen exhibits covering such topics as smart data, cybersecurity, self-driving vehicles, and Industry 4.0. Three new exhibits have been added this year: Startup Village, Virtual#List (virtual tours of experimental platforms in robotics, virtual reality and nondestructive testing). Inria and Telecom ParisTech are also showing a dozen demonstrator models in their respective exhibits. The product of research by CEA-List and its academic and industrial partners, the models are to encourage exchange between attendees and stimulate new innovation projects.

Numerous startups market technologies developed at CEA-List, who assists them as they seek solutions: eleven of them are available at the Startup Village to present several cutting-edge technologies in data intelligence, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Some of the innovations on display…

deep manta.jpg
Deep Manta: detects and automatically provides 3D analyses of vehicles from a monocular image using automatic deep learning.

health monitoring.jpg
Structure Health Monitoring: visualize structural defects using augmented reality on complex parts for remote support.


XCoeur: simultaneous management of applications with different levels of criticality using low-energy multi-core architectures. Aerospace applications (Safran jet engine).

table interactive.jpg

Hands-on interaction for teaching: using a multimedia table, create a tactile interface between the digital and physical worlds that can be adapted to any type of table.

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