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Genes'Ink a company specialized in the design and the manufacture of nanosolutions in the printed electronics markets and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) through the Laboratory of Innovation in Surface Chemistry and Nanoscience's (LICSeN) of the UMR NIMBE (Nanoscience's and Innovation for Materials, Biomedicine and Energy) signed a partnership agreement creating a joint research laboratory. Agreed for a renewable term of three years, this collaboration aims to develop new technologies dedicated to printed electronic mainly in conductive and semi-conductive materials domain. The LICSeN brings complementary knowledge to those of Genes'Ink in terms of surface chemistry and interface that will allow Genes'Ink to increase the development of innovative solutions like flexible batteries.

Published on 29 April 2015

Alain Lunati President of Genes'Ink explains:

The creation of the joint laboratory by signature of this contract brings a real added value to Genes'Ink. It concretizes the first 9 months of a full and total collaboration between Genes'Ink shareholders and the CEA. The setting-up of this joint laboratory is in continuity of the PriMe project (ANR program) based on a solid partnership between the CEA and Genes'Ink, driven by Corinne Versini since almost a year, and of which she will manage the coordination as well as the one of the joint laboratory." 


Serge PALACIN Research Director at CEA, Director of the UMR Nanoscience's and Innovation for Materials, Biomedicine and Energy (NIMBE) and member of the Laboratory of Innovation in Surface Chemistry and Nanoscience's (LICSeN) precises:

This partnership is the conclusion of many years of research done at the LICSeN on various innovating processes on surface functionalization and their application to the polymer's metallization. This will allow the LICSeN to concretize one more time its works by useful and valuable realizations, and to enrich itself of new scientific and technical problematics in contact of our industrial partner Genes'Ink."


About LICSeN

The Laboratory of Innovation in Surface Chemistry and Nanosciences (LICSeN) involves around thirty chemist and physicists (including 14 CEA permanents) specialized notably in the chemical functionalization of surface and nanomaterials to give them interesting properties in the energy domain (battery, fuel cells, photovoltaic), electronic (organic, RF and flexible), environment (depollution process) and biotechnology (biocaptors, implants). These researches ranged from the understanding of chemical and physical mechanisms at a fundamental level to the development of patented and valorized process. The laboratory has a great experience of interactions with industrial partners. In the context of joint laboratory, the LICSeN studies in particular process of surface local modification, robust and innovating, compatible with printing technics.


About Genes'Ink

Genes'Ink (Provence, FRANCE) is a company founded in 2010 and specializes in the design and manufacture of nanoparticles embedded to formulations of unique inks. Its functional inks present conductive or semi-conductive properties that enable innovative applications especially in the markets of printed electronics, renewable energy and cosmetics. These conductive or semi-conductive inks, from this technology, allow to produce extremely fine deposits (down to 20 nm) by different industrial printing means (inkjet, screen printing, roll-to-roll).

In partnership with KELENN Technology (Paris, FRANCE), the two companies both provide a new inkjet solution for highly conductive ink based on silver nanoparticles with very high printing speeds of several meters per minute. The printed patterns (RFID antenna, electronic circuitry...) can reach a line of 30 µm width with a 5 µm precision.

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