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Secure societies

Responding to security professionals' needs more effectively

Since 2016, end-users of innovative security solutions such as law enforcement authorities and rescue teams have been actively involved in European research and innovation projects in the field of security. This has allowed European R & I actors to provide a response more adapted to the needs of the operational teams.

Published on 18 April 2019

Seren4, creating synergies between security and innovation professionals

The Seren project is a European program set up to coordinate research in the field of security as part of the European framework program for research and innovation, H2020 Security. This fourth edition of the Seren project was launched in May 2018. The primary objective of this project is to advise and to create a network that puts research and innovation players in relation with those in the security sector with a view to developing relevant research projects. The SEREN4 network consortium is made up of 19 partners, including the CEA backed by France's Safe competitiveness cluster and the French Ministry of the Interior. The involvement of the CEA in the Seren project is part of its actions in the field of global security, including the fight against NRBC-E terrorist threats and cybersecurity, which are the subject of a dedicated program.

It aims to help the diferent security actors to develop fit-for-purpose innovative solutions, responding to the work program defined by the European Union. This will be done by strengthening cooperation between stakeholders in security in Europe and improving their response capabilities, by focusing more closely on the needs of security professionals. 150 security professionals are involved in the Seren project. A number of workshops have been held all over Europe, attended by dozens of end-users, on subjects including fighting crime and terrorism, border security and resilience to disasters.

In Seren4, the CEA is involved in building synergy between R&D and security professionals in Europe. The latter have been fully integrated and are involved in various European projects aimed at responding to their needs, explained Armand Nachef from the CEA's European Affairs Division and National Contact Point Coordinator for H2020 Security in France.

Security is one of the priorities in the H2020 program

One of the objectives of the H2020 program is to develop innovation in order to:

  • improve the response to and enhance our resilience to natural and man-made disasters (industrial, environmental, agricultural) and to have better resources available for post-disaster remediation;
  • prevent, investigate and pursue criminals, including in relation to organized crime and terrorism;
  • improve border security;
  • protect infrastructure from natural and man-made attack, including cyberattack;
  • manage digital security, data privacy, data protection and space research.

To meet these requirements, many technological research and development projects are underway across Europe, and in particular within the framework of the Horizon 2020 "Secure Societies" challenge (SC7). This entails essential R&D aimed at protecting the public, society and the economy, as well as infrastructure and services, and ensuring prosperity, political stability and well-being. 

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