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Sopra Steria and CEA sign partnership agreement for the transfer of cybersecurity technology

​Sopra Steria, European leader in digital transformation, and CEA Tech, CEA's technology research cluster, announce the signing of an R&D partnership for the transfer of CEA's key enabling technologies to the “Innovation Laboratory” at Sopra Steria's cybersecurity center in Toulouse. Digital transformation is a vector of sustainable economic growth that relies on having security that can stand up to threats that are constantly increasing both in number and sophistication. Given these challenges, the cybersecurity sector is obliged to integrate the most advanced technologies in its innovative industrial solutions.

Published on 16 January 2015

​Assist and accelerate digital transition

Using a continuous innovation approach, Sopra Steria offers secure solutions and services to assist institutions and companies achieve their digital transformation with confidence. For its part, CEA Tech's goal is to accelerate innovation to serve industry. 
At the heart of the cybersecurity sector, the partnership between Sopra Steria and CEA Tech seeks to accelerate, using a sustainable co-innovation process, technology transfer from CEA's research laboratories to the Innovation Laboratory of Sopra Steria's cybersecurity center in order to develop new, advanced methods of detection and protection. As a result, experts in information technology consulting will be able to provide cybersecurity services that will serve as a global benchmark.

First two technology transfers in 2015

The three-year agreement between the two partners has already launched work in two major areas using the expertise of CEA LIST: detection of low-level digital noise using signal processing technologies and the creation of a new generation of digital and dynamic war rooms, with multiple devices (touchscreen tables, mobile resources, etc.) based on interaction, visualization, management and data analysis technologies. The war room will be especially adapted to managing cybersecurity emergencies. The particularly advanced nature of CEA Tech's expertise and technologies will make it possible to implement them quickly.
In 2015, Sopra Steria's hands-on experience in cybersecurity, combined with CEA Tech's technological contribution of human-machine interfaces, signal processing and machine learning, will contribute to the development of innovative solutions that are adapted to the needs of operators who are actively monitoring situations.

A defining milestone for the protection of the European aeronautics and space sector 

The agreement coordinates well with the joint projects of the Albatros program , certified by the international Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster, of which two partners are members. The objective of this key program is to develop synergies between stakeholders in the European aeronautics and space sector to protect the digital property of companies and develop their competitiveness. The areas covered in the partnership between CEA Tech and Sopra Steria will contribute to development of Box@PME, the collaborative solution for protecting companies in supply chains and to installation of the program's cybersecurity laboratory.


Upcoming events

Sopra Steria and CEA Tech will be attending the Seventh International Forum on Cybersecurity (FIC 2015) in Lille on 20-21 January 2015 - stand E8.
Sopra Steria's experts are offering a conference and two workshops:

  • Partner conference: “Cybersecurity: the role of global providers in the federation of industry stakeholders and the emergence of an industry which instills confidence”, 12:30-13:15 on Tuesday, 20 January;
  • Workshop: “Digital identity: which public-private ecosystem?” 11:15 on Wednesday, 21 January;
  • Workshop: “Cyberdefense as a service, the future of security?” 3:15 on 21 January.


About Sopra Steria

Sopra Steria, European leader in digital transformation, has one of the most comprehensive offerings on the market: consulting, systems integration, business solutions and business process services. It thus provides a general response to the challenges of large companies and organizations in the areas of development and competitiveness. Combining value added and innovation in the solutions and services it provides, Sopra Steria assists its customers in their transformation programs, however complex they may be, and helps them to make the best use of digital technology. With more than 35,000 employees in over 20 countries, Sopra Steria had pro forma revenues of €3.1 billion in 2013.
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About CEA Tech

CEA, the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, is a leader in research, development and innovation active in four major areas: low-carbon energy, information and health technology, very large research infrastructures and defense and global security. For each of these areas, the CEA draws on cutting-edge basic research while providing support to industry.
CEA Tech, the CEA's technology research cluster, is a platform of 4,500 collaborators working on innovation for industry. It produces and disseminates key enabling technologies for all industrial sectors and all types of companies. With 600 patents registered each year, CEA Tech contributes to improving industrial production and boosts competitiveness by creating value for its industrial partners. It works with 80% of the companies in the CAC 40, 500 mid-caps and SMEs, and 145 international customers. It generates annual revenue of €600M. Boosting the Grenoble and Paris-Saclay ecosystems since its creation, CEA Tech currently supervises new regional technology transfer programs launched by the government in late 2012. It is now located in four additional regions, Midi-Pyrénées (Toulouse), Aquitaine (Bordeaux), Pays de la Loire (Nantes), Lorraine (Metz) and has increased its efforts in PACA.

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