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The CEA, partner of Hello Tomorrow

​The Hello Tomorrow conference will be held on 25th and 26th June 2015 at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. Based on the work of young entrepreneurs and researchers, this annual event brings together innovators from around the world: business managers, scientists, investors and opinion leaders, all enthused by the idea of building the world of tomorrow. The CEA is a partner of the event and also of the Hello Tomorrow association, which supports start-ups looking to respond to the major issues facing society through innovations in science and technology.

Published on 23 June 2015

​Highlights of the CEA’s involvement:

  • 23rd June: alongside the conference, fifty-four young entrepreneurs have been invited to the Paris-Saclay campus to find out about CEA List research in digital technology, including virtual reality and augmented by on-board systems, at its showroom.
  • 24th June: experts from the CEA and its subsidiary CEA Investissement, which administers technology funds, particularly seed capital, will take part in Investor Day, when nearly eighty start-ups will present their projects to investors.
  • 25th and 26th June: CEA experts will sit on the panels selecting the finalists in the Hello Tomorrow Challenge. The CEA List will also take part in the exhibition via a virtual reality demonstrator.

The Hello Tomorrow Challenge is an international competition for start-ups aimed at detecting entrepreneurial projects based on the most innovative technologies and boosting the best of them so that they can access the market as speedily as possible. Prior to the conference, CEA experts have taken part in selecting nearly one hundred innovative technology projects competing in the Challenge from a total of 3,600 entries from ninety countries (compared with 1,200 from forty-seven countries in 2014) in six industrial sectors: food & agriculture, transportation & mobility, manufacturing & materials, healthcare, energy & the environment and information technologies.

About the Hello Tomorrow association

Hello Tomorrow is a not-for-profit French association with a remit to support entrepreneurs striving to solve current problems in society through innovations in science and technology. It does not acquire equity stakes in participating start-ups. The association’s activities break down into three areas: creating an international, inter-disciplinary community, organising a worldwide start-up competition and organising a conference dedicated to ground-breaking innovation.

About the CEA

A major player in research, development and innovation, the Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives works in four main fields: low-carbon energy sources (nuclear & renewables), information & medical technologies, major research infrastructures and defence & global security. In each of these areas, the CEA relies on excellent fundamental research and performs the role of supporting industry.

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