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Promise Advanced Proteomics


Launch of the Promise Advanced Proteomics website. Promise was created as a spin-off from EDyP team, exploiting a technique producing isotopic​ally labelled proteins which can be used as standards for quantitative analysis of proteins by mass spectrometry.

Published on 16 September 2010
Promise Advanced Proteomics was recently launched on the Internet. This start-up was created on June 10th this year, and is housed in the Minatec technology park. Promise Advanced Proteomics is a spin-off of the Exploring the Dynamics of Proteomes team, at our institute. The company holds an exclusive licence to exploit the PSAQ™ method developed at EDyP team. This innovative method uses isotopically labelled proteins as standards for quantitative analysis of proteins by mass spectrometry (see our scientific letter No. 11). Promise Advanced Proteomics offers high-value-added services for biomarker assessment and pharmaco-kinetic studies of therapeutic proteins, and was awarded the OSEO prize in 2008 in the Emerging businesses category in recognition of its innovation.

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