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Scientific and economic publications

Published on 21 December 2018

Here you can download the different CEA's scientific and economic publications: Energy handbook, Nuclear power plants in the world, nuclear energy monograph.

Energy handbook 2018

Energy handbookKey figures on energy in France as well as worldwide. All types of energy are discussed, with a specific focus on nuclear energy.

Elecnuc 2017

Nuclear power plants in the world 2018

The detailed characteristics and the production of nuclear power plants in service throughout the world. Figures drawn from CEA's Economic Study Service database.

Nuclear energy Monograph

clean-up-dismantling-nuclear-facilities.jpgClean-up and dismantling of nuclear facilities

This monograph provides insight into the techniques used to characterise facilities, carry out clean-up and dismantling operations, and manage the waste resulting from these operations. It also gives several examples of clean-up and dismantling sites led by the CEA, which already boasts a number of successful projects to date, either as project owner for the clean-up and dismantling of its own facilities, or as R&D operator in support of industry players.