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Thematic publications

Published on 28 June 2016
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Energies for the 21st century

Energies for the 21st century
  • Innovating for nuclear energy
  • Domesticating solar power
  • Biofuel production
  • Developing batteries and fuel cells
  • Thermonuclear fusion
September 2010

The nanoworld

The nanoworld
  • Dive into the nanoworld
  • New information and communication technologies
  • Nanomaterials
  • Medicine on the nanoscale
  • Developments for society
Summer 2010


  • Measurement sensors
  • Planning ahead
  • Monitoring
  • Understanding
August 2011

The climate

The climate
  • The climate machine
  • Predicting the climate: modeling
  • The greenhouse effect
  • Studying past climates
  • Monitoring changes to climate and the environment
July 2011

The sun

The sun
  • Our star
  • Voyage to the center of the Sun
  • The Sun tamed
Summer 2011


  • Characteristics of hydrogen
  • The challenges of a hydrogen economy
  • Methods of production of hydrogen
  • Distribution and storage of hydrogen
  • The fuel cell
  • Tomorrow’s world: hydrogen in daily Life?
April 2005

Nuclear astrophysics

Nuclear astrophysics
  • The principle of nucleosynthesis
  • The stars
  • The sun
  • Supernovae
  • Cosmic radioactivity seen by the integral satellite
April 2005


Medical imaging
  • General principles and tools
  • Neuroscience applications
  • Other therapeutic applications
  • Medical imaging tomorrow
April 2005

The laser

The laser: a concentrate of light
  • Laser light
  • Types of laser
  • CEA research lasers
  • Industrial lasers
  • Useful but … take care!
April 2005


  • A technological revolution
  • A brief history
  • How are integrated circuits made?
  • Nanoelectronics
Summer 2010

Nuclear fuel cycle

The nuclear fuel cycle
  • Upstream the reactor: preparing the fuel
  • In the reactor: fuel consumption
  • Downstream the reactor: reprocessing nuclear waste
  • Nuclear waste
March 2005

How a nuclear reactor works

How a nuclear reactor works
  • Nuclear fission
  • Components of a nuclear reactor
  • The various types of reactor
March 2005

Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy: fusion and fission
  • The release of nuclear energy
  • Thermonuclear fusion
  • Nuclear fission and the chain reaction
April 2005


  • What is energy?
  • The different forms of energy
  • Characteristics of the different forms of energy
April 2005

and man

Radiation and man
  • Different kinds of radiation
  • Biological effects of radiation
  • Radiation protection
  • Examples of applications Of radiation
April 2005


  • Definition of radioactivity
  • The origins of radioelements
  • Applications of radioactivity
April 2005

The atom

The atom
  • At the heart of matter: atoms
  • Chemical elements and isotopes
  • The four fundamental interactions
  • Nuclear physics
April 2005