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Innovative and secure research

Published on 19 April 2017

​Management of intellectual property is a key element of the CEA’s strategy, used for the benefit of innovation transfer to companies.

​A large amount of attention is given to the filing of patent applications, in terms of quality and number. In 2016, the CEA filed 743 priority patent applications. They reinforce a portfolio of nearly 6,100 active patent families at the end of 2016.

The CEA’s active policy of protecting its inventions gives it an increasingly high profile in terms of filing patent applications:

  • first depositor of patent applications files of any French research body and 4th in the INPI 2016 rankings[1]
  • 33rd in the EPO rankings[2] in 2016

The applied technology fields in which the CEA files the majority of patents are microelectronics (semiconductors), new energy technologies (NET) and instrumentation. The CEA has for a long time cooperated with companies working in its specialist areas and puts its technologies at their disposal. To do so, it offers its partners collaboration contracts enabling them to use its intellectual property assets. Its patents can also be used under license in exchange for a fee. They can also play a vital role in the establishment of innovative companies.

[1] Published by the INPI, the French National Intellectual Property Institute, the 2016 rankings show the leading French patent applicants based on number of patents published in 2016.

[2] EPO: European Patent Office. The EPO publishes an annual (unconsolidated) list based on patents filed that year. Its statistics cover both direct and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filings in Europe.

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Jean-Charles Guibert, Director for Technology Transfer

​Jean-Charles Guibert, Director for Technology Transfer © CEA