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Documentation & Implementation

Published on 30 June 2021


L-UTSOI is a compact model dedicated to Fully-Depleted on Silicon-On-Insulator (FDSOI) technologies with low doped channel, developed at CEA-LETI and previously named Leti-UTSOI.

The model structure is the same as in the different versions of Leti-UTSOI1 and, thus, similar to PSP. It is based on a hierarchical construction featuring two levels of parameter set :

  • A local mode, in which the knowledge of the device geometry (channel length and width) is not needed. In this mode, the local parameter values are directly obtained from the model cards.

  • A global mode, in which the local parameters are computed from the global model card and the device geometry through scaling laws. The so-computed local parameters are then used to compute the model equations. In this mode, some local parameters can also be modified according to the stress model.


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  • Presentation @ MOS-AK Grenoble 2015

Find the presentation here

  • Presentation @ MOS-AK WashingtonDC 2013

Find the presentation here


 Find the presentation here

​Implementation: Verilog

CEA-LETI supports releases of compact models in the form of Verilog-A(MS) Source Code.

Verilog-A Language Reference Manual 2.2 is published in 2004 by Accellera.

An implementation in Verilog-A of each of the supported model levels, can be found at the corresponding Releases pages.