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Paper in SISPAD conference

Published on 19 October 2013

L-UTSOI: A compact model for low-power analog and digital applications in FDSOI technology
With the maturity of CMOS technologies and their use for low power various analog and digital applications, some additional effects must be modeled or enhanced to improve the accuracy of SPICE models. Indeed, with the decrease of supply voltages/currents and the use of the back bias in Fully-Depleted Silicon On Insulator (FDSOI) technologies, the devices operate close to the weak-moderate inversion, where gm/Id figure is impacted by effects like the depletion of source/drain electrodes and the parasitic currents such as Impact ionization current in moderate inver-sion and Gate Leakage current in weak inversion, can have a significant impact on the model accuracy. This paper describes the latest significant improvements of L-UTSOI model (formerly Leti-UTSOI) related to version 102.4. These model extensions are validated against Silicon experimental data.

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