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Proteomics platform

Published on 7 December 2023

To develop your project:
Head of laboratory:Virginie Brun - +33 4 38 78 96 57
Head of platform: Yohann Couté - +33 4 38 78 94 61

EDyP Service

On the strength of more than 20 years’ experience and through its platform EDyP-Service, EDyP laboratory offers the scientific community access to cutting edge technologies for protein and proteome characterisation. These methods can be used to respond to requests ranging from fine characterisation of a protein to pan-proteome study at the scale of a whole organism or absolute quantification of biomarkers.

• The laboratory is ISO9001:2015- and NFX 50-900-certified
• EDyP is of the three laboratories making up ProFI, the Proteomics French Infrastructure
• The platform is an IBISA platform

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