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Platform dedicated to the development, characterization and proof-of-concept in research for the storage and production of low-carbon energy. Two main topics are:
- ​3rd generation photovoltaic 
- systems battery materials

Published on 19 January 2024
HYBRIDEN offers glovebox lines in inert and anhydrous environments for the preparation of various devices and a formulation and characterisation area specific to each technology photovoltaics and batteries​.

For energy storage the platform main missions are:
1) ​Testing the electrochemical performance of new materials developed within the Institute
​2) To develop operando cells dedicated to the advanced characterisation of these new materials, in particular in association with the major instruments of the EPN in Grenoble (synchrotron radiation and neutrons).

HYBRIDEN has the equipment needed to manufacture electrodes (ink formulation, deposition, drying and calendering) to assemble electrochemical cells including coin cells or operando type cells (vacuum drying of components, assembly in argon gloveboxes, wide choice of operando cells adapted to different techniques) as well as their electrochemical characterisation at controlled temperature or in gloveboxes. 

Battery technologies include Li-ion, Na-ion and Li-S​.​

For the production of low-carbon energy, the platform can be used in the following ways: 
- 1) Produce organic or hybrid solar cells by depositing thin films on glass substrates and evaporating metals.
- 2) Optical and electronic characterization of solar cells.

HYBRIDEN has a complete glovebox line dedicated to the deposition of thin films and the evaporation of interface layers, with an integrated evaporator. The platform is also equipped for the manufacture of devices at ambient pressure and close to industrial conditions.

An area is dedicated to the optical and electronic characterization of solar cells using solar simulators and state-of-the-art characterization equipment.

C​ontacts ​
Photovoltaic: Cyril Aum​aître
B​atteries: Quentin Jacquet
Technical support: Etienne Omnes​​