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Research alliances

Published on 31 January 2015
The national research alliances are intended to coordinate the French participants from a scientific field and strengthen their autonomy, in order to increase the performance, visibility, international standing and valorization of French research. The CEA is a founding member of the ANCHOR (energy), ALLISTENE (information technologies), AVIESAN (life sciences and health), and ALLENVI (environment) alliances. The CEA is also an associate member of ATHENA (humanities and social sciences).

To cover the spectrum of its scientific activities in biology (both in health and energy), the CEA’s DSV is strongly involved in two of these five alliances: Aviesan and AllEnvi. Thus, the DSV contributes to developing the National Research Strategy (SNR) and the planning of the National Research Agency (ANR), and it participates in updating the roadmap for the “Infrastructures de recherche 2012-2020” national strategy.


This national alliance for life sciences and health (alliance nationale pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé) was created in 2009. It draws together its 9 founding members, including the CEA, and 10 associate members. A major objective of Aviesan is to coordinate the strategic analysis, scientific planning and operational implementation of research in the life sciences and health.

Aviesan is organized into 10 multi-unit thematic institutes (ITMO) covering the main areas of research in the health biology field. The DSV is strongly involved in strategic thinking and scientific activities implemented by the ITMOs, thanks to groups of scientific experts that include many DSV researchers, which the directors rely on. The DSV is particularly represented by the following ITMOs:

  • Health technologies
  • Neurosciences, cognitive sciences, and neuro-psychiatry
  • Molecular and structural bases of living organisms
  • Genetics, genomics and bioinformatics
  • Microbiology and infectious diseases

The Director of the CEA’s Life Sciences Division sits on the executive board of Aviesan.


Created in 2010, this national research alliance for the environment unites public research forces, in order to coordinate and program the French scientific strategy in this field. Made up of the 12 founding members at its creation, thus including the CEA, AllEnvi also brings together 16 associate members.

The DSV and the Physical Science Division (DSM) jointly represent the CEA in AllEnvi’s governance bodies. The DSV sits on the scientific steering committee, and many DSV experts take part in scientific thematic groups including:

  • The group for environmental, natural and ecotoxic risks
  • The group for environmental technologies and sustainable chemistry

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