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Employment and training

Published on 15 January 2015
Would you like to participate in developing research? Are you interested in a rewarding career path in a multidisciplinary scientific community? Join the teams of the Fundamental Reseach Division (DRF), which are open to both international research and the world of industry.

At the DRF, as at the CEA in general, there is no particular period of the year to submit your application. Recruitments are limited by the number of job posts set by the annual recruitment plan. These posts mainly concern careers in research. For more information, please consult the CEA recruitment page.

Students: extended internships (> 3 months)
Every year, the DRF offers numerous internships to students who wish to complete their university training with a first professional experience. For more information and to search for an internship, please consult the CEA internships page (in French).

Every year, approximately 230 French and foreign students begin their thesis at the DRF, funded by different sources. All the thesis subjects are available on the INSTN website.

Advanced researchers: postdoctoral contracts
The DRF hosts nearly 600 experienced researchers in postdoctoral contracts. Would you like to do a postdoc at the DRF? Please consult the websites of the different DRF institutes.


Key CEA PhD topics funded by CEA

All thesis topics featured on the INSTN website have been selected by the CEA as innovative, educational research assignments that are particularly well adapted to thesis projects with a high outcome potential. All topics are eligible for CEA thesis funding.

Those thesis topics
marked with a green star are key CEA topics for 2017 (deliberations made in January 2017). They are part of the CEA's scientific priorities and correspond to a key area of CEA expertise that could lead to a major scientific breakthrough, or funding with high growth potential in the case of success. CFR thesis funding (contracts for training through research) on key topics will be awarded first for those students making the strongest applications.