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Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships

Apply untill september,11 2024

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CEA/DRF is a great choice of host institution for the achievement of your MSCA-PF project. Indeed, CEA relies on an outstanding fundamental research that makes it a special figure within the European Research Technology Organizations (RTO). And CEA/DRF has a great experience of the MSCA-PF with a high success rate (21%) for this call.

Published on 3 June 2024

A host institution for the achievement of your MSCA-PF

CEA, one of the most prominent players in research and innovation in France and throughout the world, relies on an outstanding fundamental research (around 100 ERC projects) that makes it a special figure within the RTO (European Research Technology Organizations).​​ 

At CEA/DRF different institutes cover many skills (astrophysics, biology, chemistry, materials, condensed matter, nanosciences, neurosciences,  physics, healthcare, complex systems) and fields of expertise (accelerators, magnets, bioinformatics, biotechnologies, cryotechnologies, detectors, imaging, AI, lasers, omics, modeling, simulation, signal and data processing). ​

Anne-isabelle Etienvre, director of Fundamental Research Division
We have experience !!!
Over the last 10 years, more than 180 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships projects have been submitted at CEA/DRF and nearly 40 have been selected! Our success rate (21%) is higher than the global success rate for this call (15-16%).   

High-quality manufacturing and characterization capabilities : 

PTA, Synergium, Attolab, Transgene, Proteomics,  Heliobiotech, etc.

Management and contribution to shared infrastructures : 

West,  Idmit, NeuroSpin,  Frisbi, Ganil, ESRF, TGCC, ILL, CERN, ITER, etc.​​​​

Fellows & supervisors testify 

  Lucia Gandarias                                                        Constant Schouder et Pascal Salières                 Pascal Albanse et Giovanni Finazzi                    Fellow at CEA-Biam                                                  Fellow and supervisor at CEA-Iramis                    Fellow and supervisor at CEA-Irig                      Projet Drone MTB                                      Projet TD-PICO-MF                                   Projet Photo-Link                            


Contact the European affairs officers at CEA/DRF

Our MSCA-PF projects are mainly submitted w​ithin four panels: “Physics", “Life sciences", “Environment and Geosciences" and “Chemistry". But we happen to have a few projects within the “Information Science and Engineering" and “Social Sciences and Humanities" panels. We also have teams that can host Marie Curie fellows for projects regarding research areas covered by the Euratom Programme : mainly fusion, radiobiology and nuclear data. 

If you are a CEA/DRF researcher who need to propose an offer,  discover the MSCA-PF call 2024 or please go on Euraxess website or the MSCA matchmarking platform

ending on September, 11 2024​​​​

Don't wait untill the last few weeks prior to submission​​​

In every CEA/DRF institutes, the European affairs officers can help you! They will give you advices and tips to improve your proposal. They will give you access to a large netowork of researchers at CEA/DRF, expert-evaluators of MSCA-PF or former fellows/supervisors. They will also help you with the administrative parts.