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The Irtelis competition

Published on 25 January 2016
Each year, approximately 20 students benefit from research training contracts (CFR) for a period of three years, funded by the CEA. These students are recruited through an international competition named “Irtelis”. The proposed thesis topics (about 35) within this competition are identified from those registered on the INSTN website (as key subjects).

Calendar for the Irtelis competition

  • End of January – March: online submission of application files
  • April: pre-selection of candidate files by an internal jury
  • May: interviewing of preselected candidates in front of a jury of scientists from the CEA and affiliated doctoral schools, along with informal meetings with thesis directors of proposed subjects 

Application file

The file to be submitted online includes:​

  • a complete CV (education and experience)
  • a letter of motivation
  • two recent recommendation letters (less than six months) signed on official letterhead paper
  • the choice of research projects (from one to three subjects), changeable until the final selection


During the selection process, the jury members assign scores to the candidates according to criteria that address the excellence of their training and practical experience, as well as the consistency of this path. An experience abroad is favorable.  

​2016 competition: applications are open

The list of thesis subjects and the application form are on the competition website:

Deadline for the application : 25th of M​arch 2016, 12:00am.

Interviews of the preselected applicants are scheduled from the 25th to the 27th of May 2016.

For more information  :​​​

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